99math: Transforming Math Practice Through Play

What is 99 math?

99math is a free, multiplayer math game designed to make math practice engaging and fun for students in grades K–8. By combining learning with play, it empowers students to improve their math skills while having a blast.

How Does 99 Math Work?

Game-Based Learning

In 99math, students participate in real-time math challenges. They solve problems related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and integers. The game fosters healthy competition, teamwork, and quick thinking.

Getting Started with 99 Math

Teacher Sign-Up

Teachers can sign up for free on the 99Math website. Import your classes from Google or Clever, and you’re ready to roll! No preparation time required.

When to Use 99 Math

Ideas for Maximizing Learning

  • Lesson Warm-Up: Kickstart your class with a 99-math session. It engages students’ brains and enhances focus.
  • End of Lesson Practice: Reinforce lesson concepts by having students practice with 99math. Apply what they’ve learned in an interactive way.
  • Rotation Stations: Keep students motivated by incorporating 99math into rotation stations. It provides targeted math fact practice.
  • Individual Practice: Assign individual exercises using 99math before class. Identify areas where students need extra practice and provide personalized support.

Benefits of 99 Math

Boost Engagement and Accuracy

  • Engagement: Students love the competitive aspect of 99math. It encourages active participation.
  • Accuracy: Regular practice improves math fluency and accuracy.


Unlocking the Power of Numbers

99 math isn’t just about solving equations; it’s about unlocking the power of numbers. Let math become an exciting adventure!


  1. Who can use 99math? Both teachers and students can benefit from 99 Math. Teachers create game-based math sessions, and students practice their skills.
  2. Is 99 Math suitable for all grade levels? Yes! It covers grades K–8, making it versatile for various age groups.
  3. How do I get started with 99math? Simply sign up as a teacher, import your classes, and let the math games begin!

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